> Optional Activities

We offer the following optional activities:

 Karate: Children work with a qualified karate teacher. They learn some basic karate movements and the clever ones can pass a belt exam, too.

Swimming: Children start with some water games in the small pool just to get used to the water. After a while they continue in the big pool and learn with equipment how to swim deep water.

Handy craft: Children do some art and craft with some special and unusual materials or technics to develop the fine motoric skills and the eye-hand coordination.

Ballet: The girls dress up nicely in ballet dress and they learn some basic ballet figures, such as the “basket”, the “ring” or the “dolphin”.

Skiing: We take our children to the Pasaréti Ski School since 2009 where they learn the basics of skiing.

Kids yoga: Children can learn some yoga position in games which can give a good start to establishing a healthy body posture.