Plum Pudding Kindergarten

What we offer?

  • Plum Pudding Kindergarten is located in a beautiful street of Buda in an elegant villa with a 2000 sqm lush garden, what  is easily accessible either by car or by public transport
  • One of the most popular international pre-schools in Budapest since 1996
  • Homely surroundings and flexible daily routine
  • All activities are conducted in small groups
  • Our methods have been developed to meet the specific needs and abilities of young children
  • Our open-minded, well trained and experienced teachers are supported by a psychologist and speech therapist to ensure the optimal realization of the development potential of each individual child
  • Our method is focused on children – Development and education is embedded in a playful framework, taking into account the children's attentive abilities
  • Multicultural community
  • Creative workshops: singing and music, art and crafts, computer workshops, excursions, environmental studies, dramatic games, physical education and talent management, dyslexia and dysgraphia prevention