Plum Pudding Kindergarten

Summer camp in Buda, in English!


Dear Parents,

Are you working in the summer? Do not you know what to do with your children? Bring them to us for summer camp!

Only the school year of 2015/2016 will end in June, not all the lovely programmes and games together. We will „visit” to a near or far country once a week – as usual we do in the summer to meet the culture, music, art, and cousine of peaople living there – seen by a child. We will learn some words, sentences, watch pictures, posters and eat delicious, too!


We offer the following programmes, too:

  • sport activities
  • handy craft
  • puppet show
  • music and singing
  • cooking days
  • field trips…


Our national days are the following ones:

      Danish Day

  • Story of the Little Mermaid
  • Dress-up party – turning into the Little Mermaid
  • Learning the song of Pietersen the fisherman
  • Making funny mermaid and fish from the sea
  • Having fish, cheese and cramberry juice


     Cuban Day

  • Having beans, coffee and mojito
  • Coloring flags and making a Cuban necklace
  • Presentation of traditional clothes and environment
  • Learning few Spanish words


       Turkish Day

  • Eating gyros and vegetables with yoghurt dip
  • Listening to Turkish pop music: Tarkan
  • Learning about the national anthem
  • Story of the Nazar – and making one
  • Short movie about arquitecture
  • Turkish bath


       Australian Day

  • Listening to Australian music and learning about Aboriginal traditions
  • Learning about the heritage of the continent (mixture of cultures and nations)
  • Eating poach egg soup and pineapple
  • Puppet show about an Aussie children story
  • Making a boomerang
  • Building the Aussie’s popular mountain from sand


     Chinese Day

  • Face painting to make Chinese features
  • Learning Chinese song: My ship sailed from China
  • Eating sweet & sour chicken with glass noodles/rice
  • Building the Great Chinese Wall in the garden
  • Making a typical dragon


      Polish Day

  • Learning few words in Polish
  • Children games: Guma, Serso, Bottle seal race and Klasy
  • Football match in live out in the garden
  • Watching Polish cartoons: Lolek & Bolek, Reksio
  • Having doughnuts (paczky)


All the children are welcome at the Plum Pudding Summer Camp!



Plum Pudding, one of the most popular international pre-schools in Budapest since 1996, is located in a small street in Buda. An old villa with a large (2000sqm) lush garden gives home to our Kindergarten and Play 'n' learn Centre. Our methods have been developed to meet the specific needs and abilities of young children. All activities are conducted in small groups. The work of our well trained and experienced teachers is supported by a psychologist and speech therapist to ensure the optimal realization of the development potential of each individual child.

Plum Pudding Kindergarten is easily accessible either by car or by public transport.

Our homely surroundings and flexible daily routine make it possible to adapt a child at any age to enjoy and benefit from nursery and pre-school activities.



Our method is focused on children…
… as the spiritual and physical development of children under 7 requires a special timetable that suits their age. Development and education is embedded in a playful framework, taking into account the children's attentive abilities. Thus, we are able to avoid placing unnecessary stress on them, while we can discover their hidden skills and abilities.

Our multicultural community… 
… is a real advantage: our teachers are open-minded and resilient. In the kindergarten we use English as a common medium for communication, the language that is indispensable worldwide.

Singing and music, Art and crafts, computers,
excursions, school preparatory activities and gym, all have an important role in the development of a child's personality. Dyslexia and dysgraphia prevention incorporated in syllabus.

Dear Visitors, Plum Pudding International Kindergarten is found in an elegant villa in a beautiful street of Buda, 5 minutes from Moszkva Ter (Széll Kálmán tér) and Rozsakert and easily accessible either by car or by public transport. The building with its spacious playrooms, newly renovated service areas and 2,000 sqm garden provides excellent surroundings and the Kindergarten's great operation.